Monday, 3 September 2012

In-Flight Beauty Routine

I'm on holiday right now, yaaaaay for me! Now enough of my smugness and on to the important stuff! Everyone loves going on holiday somewhere exotic but long haul flights come at a price! And not just on your wallet! Dehydrated skin, puffy eyes and frizzy, dried-out hair are not ideal when you want to step off the plane a la Victoria Beckham. After avidly watching Lisa Eldridge's YouTube video on her in flight beauty routine with pen and paper, I devised my own!


I picked up this clear travel bag from Primark for a few pounds complete with 3 100ml bottles and 3 small pots. Much cheaper than the Muji option! (I'm using hotel Wifi on an iPad at the moment and my picture won't upload!)  Here's a run down of what I took with me: Macademia Healing oil, hair tie, No7 cleansing water for oily skin, Origins drink up intensive mask, Lancôme hydra zen eye contour gel cream, Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, Elizabeth Arden eight hour hand treatment, No7 day cream for oily skin, Boots nail remover pads, Topshop clear base and top coat, Essie lovie dovie nail varnish  and a couple of cotton pads. And yes all that fits in this little bag, just call me Mary Poppins! 


First thing I do when I get on the plane is to brush my hair and then run a small amount of macadamia oil through my hair! I mainly focus on the ends as these are driest and use sparingly in my roots. I wouldn't usually use a hair oil on dry hair as I have quite oily hair but I don't mind it looking a bit greasy on the plane and I'll have a shower as soon as I get to my hotel. This will stop the dry cabin air turning it into frizz central and drying it out too much.  I then tie it up for the duration of the flight. This stops it tangling and rubbing up against the seats causing static. 


To prep my skin for the flight I run a cotton pad with No7 cleansing water over my face. I don't tend to wear make up to the airport, as.. well.. I can't really be bothered! So this step is just to freshen up and remove any excess oil etc. I then massage a small amount of my Origins drink up mask into my skin, once I've done this I wait five minutes for it to sink in and then repeat again till I've built up three layers of product. This mask sinks into the skin easily so it is necessary to repeat this process to build up a thick layer of coverage. This mask seriously hydrates the skin and provides a barrier against the dry cabin air, leaving your skin plump and glowing. I then leave this on for the duration of the flight, reapplying every 3-4 hours. The mask is clear once you massage it in so you don't look ridiculous don't worry!

I then pat my Lancôme hydra zen eye cream below my eye, reapplying alongside the mask. This eye cream helps with puffiness and fatigue so it should disguise and signs of early morning flights and dehydration. Before landing I remove any traces of the mask with my cleansing water and moisturise with my No7 day cream. This moisturiser also contains  SPF to protect my skin from the sun as soon as I step off the plane. I use my Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on my lips constantly throughout the flight to top the air con drying them out.

As well as giving myself a mini facial mid flight I also take the opportunity to give myself a manicure. So yes, much to my family's embarrassment I practically turn the plane into a spa! Next step and I'll be putting a foot spa in my hand luggage! Pahh! Anyways, I use my Elizabeth Arden eight hour hand cream a bazillion times throughout the flight, mainly due to boredom. I also massage my eight hour cream into my nails, to soften my cuticles and nourish the skin around my nails! I use Topshop base/top coat and I've chosen to wear Essie's Lovie Dovie this holiday, one of my favourite varnishes this summer!  I've also packed nail varnish remover pads in case of any mishaps!

So that's it! This routine seems to have worked so I shall be going through the whole palaver on the journey home. At least it keeps me entertained :) Also remember to drink LOADS of water as you need to hydrate the body from the inside out too!

Please comment below with any inflight beauty tips you have! 


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I need to start turning flights into pamper sessions more :P great tips!


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you found it useful :) xxx

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  3. great tips!

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