Sunday, 23 September 2012

Duty Free Shopping!!

One of the things I look forward to most about going on holiday, apart from the sun tan, cocktails and beachy hair, is duty free!! This year was no different and I picked up a few sneaky purchases on the way through departures.

The first place I stopped off was the MAC counter and picked up a few products I had my eye on for a while and one cheeky impulse buy! The first was MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow which is a matte light brown shade that I use to fill in my eyebrows. This eyeshadow has been recommended by numerous beauty gurus with similar colouring to myself and so far I've been very content with my purchase. Nothing to write home about but it does the job well!

Next up I got MAC Sable which is a lovely plummy brown shade! It often wear this to work with MAC All That Glitters as a nudey duo for daytime. Alternatively put it with MAC Joy and Laughter (review below) for a glammed up evening look. This eye shadow is a frost finish, with amazing pigmentation and glides smoothly onto the lid meaning it is super easy to apply. I think this is one of those must-have MAC shades that everyone needs in their make up bag!

The final eye shadow I got was MAC Joy and Laughter. This shadow is a Mineralise Duo eyeshadow which came out this year in the permanent collection. Joy and Laughter contains a cool-toned shimmery lilac shade paired with a softer grey-mauve shimmery shade. You can use this as a duo with the cool-toned shade over the whole lid and they grey-mauve shade in the crease or you can swirl a brush round and swipe it all over the lid and put Sable in the crease. On the swatch the mixture is on the left, the darker shade in the middle and the lighter on the right. I don't usually go for purple shades but I absolutely fell for this! The pigmentation is incredible, you only need to lightly dust your brush in the product to pick up the perfect amount. The shadow is super soft and silky and is a dream to apply. I really liked Love Connection as well, but they didn't have any in stock so I'm definitely going to pick that up on my next MAC trip!

My final MAC purchase was the Painterly paint pot. This is my first paint pot purchase (try saying that out loud!) I own a few of the Maybelline Colour Tatoos and love them but they don't do a good nude shade so I decided to indulge. So far I have been more than happy with my purchase and have been wearing it almost every day for work! It is a flesh-tone shade with a matte formula. The product comes in a glass jar, making it unsuitable for travel but it does give it a hint of luxury! FYI I have heard these can dry out very easily if you leave the lid off. I have very oily eyelids so a base is essential to ensure my eyeshadows stay put all day. If I'm tired my eyelids also become quite dark and this completely disguises this. This is another product that I think you NEED in your make up bag!

I then ventured over to the skincare area and after some serious self-restraint only picked up this Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser. I am now onto my fourth repurchase of this product, and really enjoy using it. I have quite problematic skin on my T-zone and if I use a heavy moisturiser here my skin will break out, guaranteed! This product is oil-free and very lightweight so useless for those dry skinned bunnies out there, but perfect for those of us with oilier skin. I'm unsure whether this treats existing blemishes but it definitely prevents further breakouts. I put this on in the morning before my make up, as anything heavier will mean by make up slides straight off. However in the evening i use a more heavy-duty moisturiser/serum! The only downside with this product is it doesn't contain SPF but I have factor 30 in my BB cream so not a problem for me.

The finale of this shopping trip was Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume! This was actually a gift from my lovely brother for my birthday. I have wanted this ever since I sniffed my best friend (not as weird as it sounds!) at a party last Christmas and fell in love! This perfume is utterly DELICIOUS, there is not other word to describe it! Well maybe there is, and as I am pretty hopeless at describing scents this is what the website says "Full-bodied and opulent, the Eau de Parfum explodes in a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes which leave their trail, like a whirlwind that is distinctly couture. A millefleurs around the freesia, Centifolia rose, osmanthus and Sambac jasmine, supported by a background of patchouli." If that description doesn't make you want to go try it out I don't know what will! The bottle is cut like a multi-faceted diamond, it is gorgeous, simple and classic. So please I implore you to go to your nearest fragrance counter and try this out, you can thank me later!

Please comment below with what products have you picked up in duty free this Summer?


  1. Yay amazing purchases! Flowerbomb is lovely! xo

    1. I'm glad you agree, it's such a beautiful perfume! :) xx

  2. Duty free is almost as exciting as the holiday! haha

    love your blog, please come and visit me at mine and follow back? I'm new and would really appreciate any support:)


  3. The mac things look so lovely! I love duty free shopping! i am your newest follower! xo

    1. That has made my day! Thank you Anna :) xxx


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