Friday, 24 August 2012

Macademia Healing Oil Treatment Review

I have been looking at purchasing a hair oil for a while now, but found it difficult to find one that would suit my hair type. I have fine, straight hair but lots of it! My hair cannot take heavy product as it gets weighed down very easily. I have been noticing that my ends were becoming dry and brittle and thought a hair oil would be the most suitable product to fix this.

I found the Macademia Healing Oil on Buyapowa and after reading a few reviews decided to take the plunge! And I LOVE it!! 

This is what the product claims to do:
- Provide intense nourishment, smooth and long-lasting, frizz free hair
- Instant absorption and a lightweright, non-greasy finish
- Reduce colour fading, therefore extending the life of colour treatments
- Provide natural UV protection
- Reduce drying time by 40-50%

 This is what I think:

Macademia healing oil

The 125ml oil comes in a glass bottle, which adds a little luxury! It also comes with a pump for easy dispensing. I use about half a pump every time I wash my hair. After washing and brushing my hair I rub the product in my hands before evenly running it through the ends of my hair (from about my ear down). It is a very lightweight formula so doesn't weigh my hair down at all. The smell is AMAZING, I don't think it smells nutty at all, the only way I can think to describe it is a musky scent mixed with a 'spa' smell!! 

It leaves my hair soft and gorgeous to touch without being greasy. I can easily wash my hair every other day with this product in. It also makes it a lot easier to style as my hair has less frizz and fly-aways! Unlike other oils I have tried it does not weigh it down so if I want to curl it or put more volume in my hair it will still stay put!

I paid £10.50 for a 125ml bottle on Buyapowa so a huge saving on the RRP which is £29.95! But I would be willing to repurchase this at full price!

CheapSmells is currently selling this product for £14.75

You can buy this product in a variety of sizes, which is great if you want to sample a mediumer size before purchasing a big bottle.

This product is going to be a staple in my hair care routine and I HIGHLY recommend it!!

If you have any hair oils you would recommend please comment below :)

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