Friday, 24 August 2012

Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin Body & Hand Lotion

I had a lovely surprise last year when a gorgeous Jo Malone box appeared on my 21st birthday! I hadn't asked for anything from them so was very surprised to find a big bottle of this body and hand lotion  tucked away within the box! As a student (now a graduate) the price tag for this body lotion was waaay out of my price range so it was exactly what the perfect gift should be, something you wouldn't buy yourself. 

This product is just D-I-VINE!! It is a wonderful, luxurious product that I use sparingly, date nights and special occasions only! Thanks to this rationing, I have just under half left :)

The product comes in minimalistic packaging with a clear plastic bottle with a black lid. I love the Jo Malone packaging, it is so simple and chic! The dispenser makes it easy to use, so none of the shaking and squeezing that often comes with body lotions!

Jo Malone body lotion

Jo Malone body lotion

Now onto the important stuff - this smells INCREDIBLE! The overriding scents are citrus based thanks to the lime and mandarin, which makes it lovely and refreshing! I love putting this on when I get out of the shower to wake me up. There are also herby, earthy notes, from the basil, which tones down the zinginess and makes this lotion utterly delicious to use.

The product has a light-weight forumla and blends into the skin very easily. As you can see from the photographs below, once you begin to massage this into the skin, it turns clear and thins out, allowing it to sink into the skin quickly. No greasy residue is left behind, your skin just feels gorgeously soft. This means you can get dressed straight away which is a huge positive for me as I hate having to hang around while my moisturiser sinks in!

The scent lasts on the skin very well, which you would expect from a luxury product. It is also quite strong, which for me I love, as if I'm going to spend money on an expensive product I want people around me to be able to smell the scent. Especially when it smells this good!

Despite the hefty price tag at £38 for 250ml - I WOULD repurchase this with my own money! I'm also keen to try out some of their other scents. I currently have my eye on the Wild Bluebell!

You can purchase this product from the Jo Malone website and you can also buy it in a 100ml bottle for £19 if you want to sample a smaller size or for travel!

Please comment below what your favourite Jo Malone scents are!


  1. This sounds really nice, I'll have to check this out. Great detailed post, love your blog x

    1. You should!! Thank you so much, I'm very new to all of this! Just checked out your blog and really want that Burberry blush now!! Hope you have a lovely day :) xxx

  2. Replies
    1. You should definitely give it a go :) It's gorgeous!! Have a lovely day xxx


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