Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thankful Thursdays # 1

Firstly can I say that I got the inspiration for this post from Lisette Loves, who kindly gave me permission to use this title for my posts, please go check her out.

 I had been wanted to write something like this on a regular basis for a while, and feel like putting a day of the week in the title will mean that I will stick to it and write down what I am thankful for every week. I have always liked the idea of Thanksgiving, which we don't celebrate in the UK, and have already decided that when I'm older my family will celebrate this too, and only partially because of the delicious looking food. After travelling through some poverty-stricken countries over the last 6 months and witnessing some terrible suffering (amongst a lot more happiness), it has made me so much more appreciative of all that I have. I am a very very luck girl. It is so important to remember this, as sometimes one can get dragged down by all the little upsets in life, when if you look at the bigger picture life is really good.

Bit of a personal one, and probably very opinionated, but here we go.

What I Am Thankful For on Thursday 11th July 2013:

1.) I was born in England - this may sound ridiculous, but I have realised this during my travels. In my opinion there is waaaay too much England bashing going around. I know our weather is generally appalling, and we are in a recession and there are tax increases and spending cuts and ra ra ra. I'm a Politics and Economics grad, I know this shiz. But us British citizens are all SO FORTUNATE. We live in a democracy, that is fair and equal. If I have an opinion, I can voice it, and no one will harm me, nor my family. If due to illness, redundancy or whatever reason one cannot make ends meet, we have a welfare state who will support us, we won't starve. If we fall ill,  we have free healthcare, we won't die of treatable diseases, or watch our families die. We have the means to a fantastic education, if we so wish to take advantage of it. If we go to the police station, we are in safe hands, no bribing, no corruption. And finally on a lighter note, ENGLAND IS BLOODY BEAUTIFUL. Especially at the moment - I have seen some amazing places during my travels and I still think that there is nowhere more beautiful than the English countryside on a sunshiney day.

2.) Boots - I have missed it so much travelling! Not even Australia or NZ had any kind of comparable decent drugstores. So many make-upy, skincarey, beauty delights, all in one place.

3.) Hot Beverages - or beveraaaaages as I like to say. Preferably of the tea or coffee variety. It may be hot, but I still love a good cuppa. No explanation needed.

4.) My Best Friend, Sorre - she makes me a better, funnier, kinder, happier person and I couldn't image life without her. If you have found one of these very special people, you are blessed, never let them go.

5.) Twister Ice Lollies - or any kind really, I'm not overly fussy, but Twisters are my number 1. fave. I can eat them for breakfast, whilst driving (I don't advise this), on a swing, anywhere you name it, an ice lolly will always be a good idea. It's not summer without them.

6.) The Apprentice - I love it, and it is one time that my family all get together in front of the tv and have a good debrief afterwards. Leah for the win.

7.) Mine and my loved one's health

Please comment below what you are thankful for this week, or in life generally. I would love to know. 


  1. Wow! I really like what you said here. I live in the States and I am SO jealous of England citizens. All of your points are incredible. As you probably know, you guys have so much we don't, in terms of lack of corruption, health care, and education benefits. Congrats! I envy you!

  2. posts like this are great you should always appreciate what yu have x

  3. love this!

  4. such a lovely positive post :) following your blog now <3

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // bloglovin

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